IBIZA – Pacha Ibiza, the epitome of VIP party experiences, is thrilled to announce the electrifying performance of the legendary Copenhagen-based experimental pop trio, WhoMadeWho, on Wednesday, May 15th 2024. Known for their dynamic energy and eclectic sound, WhoMadeWho promises an unforgettable night of music and dancing.

Combining elements of electronic, pop, and soul music, WhoMadeWho’s hybrid set is set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of genres. Joining them on stage are esteemed DJ and Producer Jan Blomqvist, and electronic duo Parallel and Jessica Brankka, ensuring an evening filled with diverse sounds and infectious beats.

Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and world-class entertainment, Pacha Ibiza is the ultimate destination for party enthusiasts. Revelers can indulge in exclusive bottle service, skip the lines, and enjoy prime views of the DJ booth and the entire spectacle unfolding on the dance floor.

Secure your place at the hottest party in town by booking a table now at Pacha Ibiza. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of WhoMadeWho and their fellow artists in an unparalleled setting.


Pacha Ibiza, the world’s most iconic house music nightclub and the birthplace of legendary DJs, stands as the ultimate embodiment of experiential nightlife. For over 50 years, Pacha Ibiza has revolutionized club culture, seamlessly blending music, production, and entertainment to craft an atmosphere that cultivates a profound sense of belonging to the beloved Pacha Family. With its iconoclastic origins, Pacha Ibiza has been a pioneering force, offering a platform for individuals to embrace their uniqueness and dare to be different. An unmatched destination, Pacha Ibiza serves as a global beacon that brings an international community of music lovers together, transcending the conventional nightclub experience. Pacha Ibiza celebrates its storied history by underscoring the distinctive energy that defines the island – an effortless fusion of music and culture – with an indescribable ambiance that characterizes a singular night at Pacha Ibiza.

ABOUT WhoMadeWho

WhoMadeWho is a Copenhagen-based experimental pop trio known for their genre-blending sound, combining elements of electronic, pop, and soul music. Comprised of members Tomas Høffding, Jeppe Kjellberg, and Tomas Barfod, the band has garnered international acclaim for their dynamic live performances and innovative approach to music production. With a discography spanning multiple albums and EPs, WhoMadeWho continues to push musical boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide with their infectious energy and eclectic style.


The Pacha Group is a globally acclaimed lifestyle brand with a strong presence in various sectors such as music, leisure, entertainment, hospitality, and fashion. It extends its international influence through well-known destinations including Pacha Ibiza (a famed nightclub), Destino Pacha Hotel and El Hotel. Having celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023, the Pacha Group is dedicated to sharing the essence of the Ibizan lifestyle with the world, characterized by a carefree, sophisticated way of life infused with creativity, music, and a spirit of acceptance.

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