Splash House Weekend 1

Palm Springs, California

Splash House, the ultimate oasis of sun-soaked revelry in the heart of Palm Springs, is a magical extravaganza where music, merriment, and water collide in a harmonious crescendo. Picture this: vibrant pools transformed into stages, where world-class DJs summon the beats that make your heart race and your body sway. Imagine dancing on the edge of shimmering turquoise waters, sipping on deliciously refreshing cocktails as a blissful wave of pure joy washes over you. With its kaleidoscope of vibrant floats, radiant sun-kissed bodies, and an electric atmosphere that crackles with excitement, Splash House is a euphoric escape where you can dive headfirst into the pool of unforgettable memories.

RemK Debut Headline Show LA


Prepare for a night of unrivaled musical wizardry as RemK takes center stage in Los Angeles, unleashing an electrifying debut headline show presented by Brownies & Lemonade. Get ready to surrender to a symphony of mind-bending beats and infectious melodies that will have you dancing like there's no tomorrow. Picture yourself bathed in a kaleidoscope of neon lights, surrounded by a sea of ecstatic fans who share your insatiable thirst for sonic adventures. With surprises around every corner, jaw-dropping visuals, and an atmosphere pulsating with unbridled energy, this extraordinary event promises an unforgettable journey into the realms of sound. Brace yourself for an explosive night of boundary-pushing music, unforgettable moments, and the purest essence of euphoria that only RemK and Brownies & Lemonade can deliver. Let the countdown to musical transcendence begin!

HeatWave Music Festival 2023

Northerly Island (Chicago) Northerly Island, Chicago, IL

Welcome to the scorching celebration of sound at Heatwave Music Festival, where the vibrant heart of Chicago ignites with a sizzling fusion of beats, rhythm, and pure musical ecstasy. Picture yourself immersed in a sonic paradise, as renowned artists from all genres set the stage ablaze with their electrifying performances. Feel the heat radiate through your veins as you dance alongside a sea of passionate music lovers, all united by their shared love for unforgettable melodies. With its pulsating energy, jaw-dropping visuals, and a lineup that will leave you breathless, Heatwave Music Festival is the ultimate summer escape where the rhythm becomes your heartbeat and the music becomes your guiding light. Get ready to let loose, make memories, and revel in the scorching hot ambiance of this unforgettable event.

Horizon San Diego – Tiesto

Waterfront Park - San Diego 1600 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA

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Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey at Horizon San Diego, the ultimate fusion of music, sunshine, and pure coastal bliss. Set against the stunning backdrop of Waterfront Park in San Diego, this epic event will be headlined by the legendary Tiesto, along with the infectious beats of Imanbek, the electrifying energy of Loud Luxury, and the tropical vibes of Thomas Jack. Picture yourself dancing in the sunshine, with the sparkling waters of the bay as your backdrop, as these world-class artists unleash a tsunami of euphoric sounds that will have you grooving from dusk till dawn. With its vibrant atmosphere, breathtaking skyline views, and an exhilarating lineup that promises non-stop party vibes, Horizon San Diego is the perfect destination for music lovers seeking a coastal escape filled with unforgettable memories. So grab your sunglasses, unleash your inner dance-floor warrior, and get ready to ride the wave of pure musical magic.

Beyond Wonderland @ The Gorge

The Gorge 754 Silica Rd NW, George, WA

Welcome to the whimsical wonderland that is Insomniac's Beyond Wonderland at the majestic Gorge Amphitheatre. Brace yourself for a mind-bending journey where reality fades away and fantasy takes hold. Picture dancing under the stars, surrounded by breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge as vibrant stages come alive with world-renowned DJs who transport you to another dimension with their enchanting beats. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of mesmerizing visuals, interactive art installations, and fantastical performers that blur the line between reality and dreams. With its vibrant energy, awe-inspiring atmosphere, and an unforgettable lineup of electronic music's finest, Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge is an escape into a magical realm where music and imagination collide, leaving you spellbound and craving for more. Let your inner child roam free, surrender to the wonder, and prepare for an experience that will ignite your senses like never before.

Day Trip Festival

Queen Mary Waterfront (Long Beach, CA) 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA

Prepare for a day of pure bliss and seaside revelry at Day Trip Festival, set against the stunning backdrop of the Queen Mary Waterfront. As the sun shines down, the air buzzing with anticipation, you'll be transported to a music paradise where the beats are infectious and the vibes are unmatched. Picture yourself dancing on the water's edge, with the majestic Queen Mary as your backdrop, as world-class DJs deliver electrifying sets that make your soul soar. Immerse yourself in a sea of colorful festival-goers, basking in the sunshine and enjoying exhilarating water activities. With its captivating stages, breathtaking views, and an atmosphere brimming with pure joy, Day Trip Festival is the ultimate escape for music lovers and beach enthusiasts alike. Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime, as you surrender to the rhythm and embrace the magic of this unforgettable waterfront extravaganza.

Exit Festival 2023

Petrovaradin Fortress Sat, Tvrđava BB Petrovaradinska tvrđava, Petrovaradin 21131