Verknipt drops stacked line-up for groundbreaking Verknipt ArenA show

AMSTERDAM – After announcing the biggest hard techno event in history back in October of 2023, Verknipt is now lifting the veil on its line-up. Over 15 acts will descend upon the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam for Verknipt ArenA. The line-up is jam-packed with Verknipt favourites, including 6EJOU, Alignment, DIØN, DYEN, Oguz, Sara Landry and Shlømo to name a few. Verknipt ArenA will take place on July 20th, and with a 40.000 capacity it’s set to be Verknipt’s largest show to date.

Alongside the aforementioned acts, Basswell, CARV, Karah, Onlynumbers, Raxeller will take the stage. Notably, Cynthia Spiering, Franky-B and Ketting will be going back to back to back for a special live performance.

Verknipt drops stacked line-up for groundbreaking Verknipt ArenA show

Verknipt undoubtedly has one of the most tight-knit communities in all of dance music, with this line-up being a solid representation of Verknipt’s artists family.

“We’ve seen a bunch of artists that have started with us make huge steps in their career over the last year or so, how insane is it to bring the whole Verknipt family together for a show like this?!” Verknipt co-founder Mer Hajbarati added. “We truly see all of these acts, artists that have risen up the ranks with us, as part of the Verknipt family. We wouldn’t be able to do it without them.”

Tickets for Verknipt ArenA sold out just three hours after going on sale to the general public, another testament to the event promoter’s immense popularity. Popularity within their native Netherlands, but also stretching far beyond their original borders. In 2024 alone, Verknipt will be hosting events in Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Türkiye, each in venues fit for thousands of fans. Verknipt ArenA will be a milestone for the organisation as well as the hard techno scene as a whole, ringing in a new chapter of bigger and better shows for years to come.

Event information

Verknipt ArenA

Johan Cruijff ArenA

Johan Cruijff ArenA Boulevard 1, Amsterdam

20 July 2024

21:00 – 07:00 

Minimum age: 18+

Line-up A-Z 

6EJOU [Hybrid LIVE] | Alignment | Basswell | CARV | Cynthia Spiering B3B Franky-B B3B Ketting [LIVE] | DIØN | DYEN | Karah | Oguz | Onlynumbers [Hybrid LIVE] | Raxeller | Sara Landry | Shlømo

About Verknipt

Established in 2012 in the Netherlands, Verknipt has spent over a decade cultivating its reputation in the dance music industry. Initially focusing on techno and house music, Verknipt later evolved into a trailblazer in the hard techno events space. By embracing a new sound and employing an exceptional social media strategy, Verknipt swiftly ascended to the forefront of one of the industry’s fastest-growing genres.

Since 2020, Verknipt has witnessed a consistent increase in visitor numbers, reaching an impressive peak of 155,000 in 2023, with expectations of doubling that amount in 2024 to over 300.000. The organisation has hosted numerous events in its native Netherlands and beyond, including flagship events such as Verknipt Festival, Verknipt NYE at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, Verknipt AFAS and Verknipt in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. In July 2024 Verknipt ArenA will be added to the list, marking the world’s largest hard techno event to date with an approximate 40.000 visitors.

In alignment with its exponential growth, Verknipt is expanding its footprint internationally, venturing into countries such as Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Türkiye in 2024 alone.

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