Mysterious producer Modapit unveils “Falling In Love,” the second single off the artist’s forthcoming debut LP

Worldwide – Newly-minted producer Modapit is a project of contradictions. The enigmatic artist has emerged from the shadows of underground dance music, boasting a gothic, edgy streetwear look that contrasts their euphoric, swirling pop-electronic sounds. They project individualized emotion and meaning in their art, while remaining shrouded in anonymity underneath their signature fishnet veil. And they stay silent behind the highly expressive sounds of their music, which leads to fervent discourse and chatter from within their ever-growing Internet community.

The art speaks for itself, and by removing the ‘ego’ of the artist, fans fully immerse themselves into Modapit’s disparate, fashion-forward multiverse.

Modapit is revving up towards their debut album, a full-length project that promises to further spotlight the producer’s uplifting, goth-techno aura. The music is complemented by a stark-visual aesthetic developed by filmmakers David Borges and Carlos Perez. All together, they’ve crafted a funeral-rave vibe – a defining artistic ethos representing Modapit’s out-of-the-box approach and propensity for creating unlikely pairs.

Listeners got their first taste of the forthcoming LP with lead single “Dancing,” a jubilant yet brooding track that translates the emotion of The Weeknd’s latest album, Dawn FM, into a dance-fueled rave experience. “Dancing” released alongside a stunning music video directed by Borges with cinematography from Perez. The second part of a four-part short film, the “Dancing” music video follows a woman navigating her way through a troubling past trauma, finding reprieve and catharsis after an encounter with a group of dancers. The video concludes with Modapit standing mysteriously behind our main character, leaving questions about their unfolding relationship.

Last week, Modapit unveiled “Falling In Love,” a continuation of the producer’s ongoing thematic and narrative journey. Releasing alongside the story’s third video, this new chapter sees the same unnamed character (played by Gabriela Garcia) with a changed demeanor; while once fragile and burdened by her past, she is now confident and fierce. 

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The video begins with our main character riding her motorcycle down a desert highway, the camera eloquently capturing the wide scenic vistas around her. She then comes across a group of mystics dancing to choreography designed by Tiffany De Alba, with the ritualistic movements once again summoning the Modapit entity. After providing a piece of the Modapit garment to the mystics, she then gets absorbed into the mysterious object above, traveling towards the final step in her emotional and psychological transformation

Mysterious producer Modapit unveils “Falling In Love,” the second single off the artist’s forthcoming debut LP

Falling In Love” kicks off with an ascending, ethereal atmosphere that underlies the song’s angelic central vocals. The song then builds before dropping into the thumping, pop-electronic bombast characteristic of Modapit’s sound. Filling out the rest of its composition with lush, nostalgic piano chords that transition into a second drop filled with blazing, extra-terrestrial synth lines, “Falling In Love” is simultaneously emotional, immersive, and pulsating with motion.

Buried under a hood of secrecy, Modapit is a metaphor as much as it is a musical project: their blank face reflects back at you the person you want to be, while providing the steps to get there through the power of dance.

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