Does your favorite music take you to another dimension? Despite the spicy name, DJ TIBASKO’s cool tunes transport you to the space age while your feet are still on the dance floor. The duo comes from Hertfordshire, England, but incorporates elements of folk music amidst futuristic vibes.

Although the unique electronic band is relatively new, it’s already taking clubs around the world by storm.


Behind TIBASKO are Ken Petalcorin and Andy Bowen. The Hertfordshire-based duo had grown up in secondary school together, but it wasn’t until recently that they bonded.

Ken had already been producing and had experience as a guitarist in an indie band. Andy had DJ’d since he was young and was rolling out as an artist on YouTube. They hit it off by attending raves together in recent years, and their skills as musicians and teamwork as a band have grown organically.

DJ TIBASKO released its first production, a lo-fi house EP, Omusaré, in 2018. Over the past five years, they have been turning what they called “obscure world music samples” in an interview with DJMag, into swells you’re likely to find in clubs and home kitchens alike.

The duo has toured in the UK and the US and is looking for more. But if you can’t see TIBASKO in person, they have a solid presence on YouTube and Soundcloud, so nothing can stop you from listening to their music.

Accomplishments and Musical Resume

TIBASKO released its first mix in 2018. Since then, there has been nothing but success on the horizon. Two years after its debut, Kiss and the BBC called TIBASKO “the ones to watch.” BBC Radio DJ Pete Tong, the “global ambassador for electronic music,” plugged the group in as future stars of 2021.

The lockdown did not stop TIBASKO from making music for home listening, an intentional drift by which the duo has defined itself.

TIBASKO offers a surprisingly mellow, surreal rhythm that has made them popular at club events around the world. Much of their sound involves sampling obscure world music, tweaking it, then putting it alongside club beats. Their track, “Hawt,” became a smash hit on BBC Radio 1. With glowing endorsements and millions of fans worldwide, this is the beginning of an out-of-this-world saga.

Upcoming Events

Many European clubs closed during the pandemic, and TIBASKO pounced when doors opened again, playing at clubs like Egg LDN and Wigwam in Dublin.

The duo enjoys traveling abroad. In 2022, TIBASKO appeared at Life is Beautiful, a Las Vegas music festival, where it performed alongside Lorde, Calvin Harris, Arctic Monkeys, and Gorillaz.

It also appeared at music festivals like Club Vinyl in Denver, and CRSSD, a music festival in San Diego.

But will you be able to see them near you? TIBASKO’s next major event is at the Brixton Jamm in London, UK. The event, called “Shut the Front Door,” takes place from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. on January 28, 2023. Get your tickets now to feel TIBASKO’s unique vibe in person.

Electric State Interview

Here at Electric State, we had the opportunity to interview Tibasko at the CRSSD Fest. The CRSSD Fest is a leading techno-trance music festival that consistently delivers a great time. This year’s jam-packed lineup was no different, with excellent performances across all three stages at the Waterfront Park in San Diego.

TIBASKO was a stand-out performer at the Palms Venue and got the crowd going. Check out the interview with Electric State to hear more about Tibasko’s story.

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