Artist Spotlight: Sonny Fodera

Several artists have become household names in dance, house, and electronic music – Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, and Calvin Harris. 

But big household names shouldn’t get all the glory. Sonny Fodera is an artist who has impacted the electronic music genre in the past decade. He’s from Adelaide, Australia, and studied Music Technology at SAE and the University of Adelaide. 

His passionate and groovy house music style has gained him opportunities to play alongside some of the big names in the industry that inspired him, such as Derrick Carter, and widespread support from loyal fans.


Sonny Fodera’s background is one of dedication and persistence. He started playing bass and electric guitar at just six years old, which has given him a solid musical foundation. However, his passion hit a turning point when he saw Derrick Carter and Inland Knights perform at an EDM Music Festival during his early teens.  

At 16, he started making his hip-hop tracks using the software Cool Edit and Fruity Loops. His dedication to his craft is evident in his work, and his willingness to continue learning new skills has helped him become one of the industry’s most well-respected DJs and producers.  

Accomplishments & Musical Resume

Sonny Fodera’s music has been streamed over 50+ million times on Spotify & Apple Music, making him one of the most in-demand acts in the industry. His unique sound and style have made him a favorite among EDM fans, and he’s become a staple at EDM music festivals.  

Media outlets like Electric State and 5Mag have praised him for his unique sound and ability to get crowds moving. As media outlets cover his story, his popularity will only grow. His popularity has even landed him in a famous media outlet — Forbes —  where they talk about his music and stories that inspired his tracks.

As a producer and remixer, Sonny Fodera has released on some of the top house labels, such as Drop Music, Guesthouse, and Kitsam Recordings. His musical aptitude and developing abilities have allowed him to create some fantastic tracks that have gained him a lot of popularity in the electronic music scene.

Upcoming Events

Sonny Fodera has appeared at some of the world’s top festivals, including Coachella, EDC Vegas, Tomorrowland, and WMC Miami. However, it is just a tiny sampling of his past events that showcase his incredible talent as a DJ and producer. His most recent major event covered by the media outlet Electric State was on September 24 at the CRSSD Fest in San Diego.  

Check out Sonny Fodera’s upcoming tour dates! The Australian DJ and producer will surely get you moving and grooving all night. You can catch him in Massachusetts on October 21 or New York on October 22 — so don’t miss your chance to see him live!  

Electric State Interview

Here at Electric State, we had the opportunity to interview Sonny at the CRSSD Fest. The CRSSD Fest is a leading techno-trance music festival that consistently delivers a great time. This year’s jam-packed lineup was no different, with excellent performances across all three stages at the Waterfront Park in San Diego.  

Sonny was a stand-out performer at the Palms Venue and got the crowd going. Check out the interview with Electric State to hear more about Sonny’s story.

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