The Kindness Formula: Caring + Kindness = Success




Just when we need an uplifting book and a roadmap to restoring our culture, THE KINDNESS FORMULA has been written. A lifelong quest to simply make a better world is manifested so eloquently in this book. On every page, in each personal anecdote and in each word, you witness the author s compassion, love of life and genuine good nature. All the lessons, including those that are deeply personal, are shared in the most positive and inspirational way so others may benefit. A guide to achieve success and happiness through simple daily acts of kindness. In a time where social and emotional learning (SEL) is at the forefront of educational curriculums and goals, this book answers the call with a message of finding strength of character, empathy, responsibility and goal setting through life’s basic lessons. This unique self-help book allows for a personal assessment in an engaging and positive way. THE KINDNESS FORMULA leads you on a special path to success through positive character traits and good deeds. It speaks to a different view of success and how a kind and compassionate outlook can provide the keys to personal fulfillment.