Artist Spotlight: John Summit

Artist Spotlight: John Summit

Avicii, deadmau5, and David Guetta are some of the artists that have become household names in the house music and dance music genres in recent times, and it’s fair to wonder whether John Summit is the next one to step up to the plate.

Before the world was introduced to EDM producer extraordinaire John Summit, the Chicago native spent his days studying at the University of Illinois and eventually landing a job as a certified accountant, as explained on his Twitter account.

Considering Chicago is widely considered as the birthplace of house music, it’s no surprise that John Schuster gravitated towards the realm as a self-taught music producer and DJ. 


Growing up in the suburbs, his first inroads into the genre came thanks to his close proximity to some of the biggest festivals in the world – including Lollapalooza, in which he got the opportunity to witness a deadmau5 set.

The now 28-year-old listened to his parents’ advice and pursued a degree in accounting at the University of Illinois, but it became apparent early that beat-making was his number one priority, as he sifted through endless hours of YouTube tutorials on a daily basis.

Following a couple of years of juggling accounting jobs and regular DJ gigs in local Chicago nightclubs, Summit would eventually quit his full-time job to pursue his dreams in the music industry, and from that point forwards, he’s set off on a fantastically illustrious EDM career.

Nonetheless, he’s faced his fair share of obstacles on the journey to stardom. Following some traction gained with EPs such as Stimulate and Connected, 2020 was supposed to be his breakout year as an artist. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic slowed his career trajectory a bit, but Summit kept going hard, and he eventually landed his breakout hit with the feel-good bass pumper titled Deep End.

Musical Résume & Accomplishments

Averaging over 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, John Summit has quickly become one of the biggest names in the house music and EDM industries, popping up regularly on Spotify-curated playlists such as Dance Hits and Dance Party.

His highest-streamed song of all time, a remix of Deep End in collaboration with electronic music artist SIDEPIECE – has over 72,000,000 streams on the application, and he currently has 10 million streams.

In March 2022, taking advantage of his newfound success in the industry, Summit announced on Twitter that he was starting a new record label titled Off the Grid Records, where he’ll look to push beyond the confines of house music and produce tracks with Chicago-based house artists, along with a few other dance music starlets, to play at his festival gigs.

Upcoming Events

In 2022, Summit has already made appearances at some of the world’s biggest festivals, including Lollapalooza in his hometown of Chicago, Coachella, Tomorrowland, and many more. 

Nonetheless, the 28-year-old still has plenty of tour dates to go for the rest of the year, where he’ll be boasting the best of his house music and dance music repertoires at festivals across the United States, Europe, Australia, and Latin America. His next two shows are on September the 2nd at New York’s Electric Zoo Festival and at the Clé nightclub in Houston on the 4th of the same month.

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