Walker & Royce – “Just What The World Needs” EP

New York City duo Walker & Royce have just announced the release of their next EP “Just What The World Needs.” The project will be dropping January 20th and features two tracks, with fellow NYC artists Mindchatter & VNSSA.

The 2-track EP will drop on January 20th.

The EP will drop on January 20th and features two tracks, “Same Way Down” and “Outer Space.” The first is a collaboration with Mindchatter and the second with VNSSA.

Walker & Royce’s sound has been described as having a “loose, funky feel” with “themes of relationships and love.” They take inspiration from classic soul music with their deep house rhythms, R&B-tinged vocals and lyrics that deal specifically with themes like relationships (e.g., love).

Walker & Royce are featuring fellow NYC artists in their new EP

Walker & Royce are from New York, and their latest EP features two NYC artists in Mindchatter and Vnssa. The three have a similar sound and style, which makes sense since they’re all putting out music together on Rules Don’t Apply.

Walker & Royce have been killing it as of late, and this EP is sure to keep the momentum going. Have you seen their upcoming tour schedule? We’re excited for what’s next from these studs! 


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