Engage-to-earn social media platform Unitea partners with artists like Claude VonStroke, Deorro, Said The Sky, and DJ Diesel (SHAQ) to launch Augmented Reality rewards

Unitea is the first engage-to-earn social media platform encouraging authentic connections between musical artists and their fans by inviting users to “Create, Connect, Collect.” Unitea encourages users to showcase their fandom by creating short-form videos soundtracked by their favorite songs, as well as streaming and sharing music. By engaging in the Unitea platform, fans earn digital tokens that are exchanged for blockchain-authenticated, artist-focused rewards and experiences. 

In addition to curating experiential and physical rewards like saxophone lessons with Big Gigantic and signed merchandise from The Chainsmokers, Unitea is now partnering with 10 acts to launch the app’s first digital rewards.

Collaborating with acts from all corners of the dance floor, Unitea’s exclusive line of Augmented Reality rewards that galvanize users to express their fandom.

  • Claude VonStroke: Fans of Claude VonStroke’s venerable imprint Dirtybird can gain access to a 3D animation of the label’s egg logo hatching into an adorable, impeccably dressed bird cartoon
  • Said The Sky: The renowned Denver-based, emotive electronic musician unveils a special rotating cloud animation with the artist’s logo embedded onto the design
  • Yung Bae: Users can sport future funk pioneer Yung Bae’s signature bucket hat
  • Ravenscoon: Bass-maestro Ravenscoon unleashes an intricate 3D virtual emblem displaying the producer’s singular logo
  • Kendoll: Collect an exclusive 3D mask displaying bass-house virtuoso Kendoll’s striking smiley-face logo
  • Codes: Funky house producer Codes shares his hallmark look, with a collectible virtual flat-brimmed hat
  • Bear Grillz: Future-bass maestro Bear Grillz offers up a striking, 3D bear mask
  • Sunsquabi: Pick up a fiery bird emblem from the iconic jamtronica band’s recently-released Arise LP 
  • DJ Diesel: Put on DJ Diesel’s virtual, roaring gorilla head, a token that aligns with the DJ’s raucous sets 
  • Deorro: Superstar DJ/producer Deorro offers up an elegant rose that can be perched in your ear

Earning Karma through interacting with Vibes is only the latest development in Unitea’s vision to foster and reward meaningful artist-fan relationships. Since the platform’s inception in October 2019, Unitea users have been earning Karma by syncing the app with their Spotify or Apple Music accounts, streaming and sharing music, and interacting with fellow music enthusiasts on the platform. 

Karma can be redeemed for a range of artist-specific rewards including: experiential – meet & greets, event tickets and VIP upgrades; physical – prize packs and merchandise gifting; and digital – AR rewards. From SOFI TUKKER, STS9, and The Disco Biscuits, to Martin Garrix, Tokimonsta and Oliver Tree, artists across the genre spectrum are utilizing Unitea to reward fandom at scale. 

Our vision is to build a more equitable social media model where everyone wins,” Unitea co-founder and tech-visionary Ketan Rahangdale explains. “Artists build real relationships with their fans, who supercharge music streams and content creation in exchange for authenticated rewards of tangible value.

Foundationally, Unitea is a revolutionary tool that helps artists directly connect with listeners through in-app messaging, identify top supporters worldwide, and build superfan ‘Crew Chats’ that operate as tight-knit micro-communities. 

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