Genre-melding artist UnderLux unveils vibrant trance single “We Can All Go” off forthcoming EP Hacking the Circuits

This single is a mirror into the artist’s truest self. It evokes a life of hyperbole; setting the scene with extreme depths of emotions, and larger than life drops as the song twists and turns through its journey towards its own end. – UnderLux

Genre-melding artist UnderLux unveils vibrant trance single “We Can All Go” off forthcoming EP Hacking the Circuits

Genre-hopping producer/DJ UnderLux has an ever-evolving artistic persona. 

Since he started composing and performing music at a young age, UnderLuxhas shape-shifted through various musical genres, having begun in pop-punk before producing his own beats. With an electronic sound informed by his love for electro-soul, house, and bass music, the dynamic producer has garnered a fervent Denver fanbase endeared to his emotive and experimental soundscapes – a style that has led to collaborations with artists such as Maddy O’Neal, Vincent Antone, Homemade Spaceship, and MIDIcinal; a performance at the official Pretty Lights pre-party at Cervantes’ Other Side; and sets at and clubs such as JING Las Vegas, DAYLIGHT Beach Club, and Club Blue in Bogota, Colombia. 

Now, the artist is revving up towards his forthcoming EP Hacking the Circuits, a 3-track collection that displays UnderLux’s knack for pushing musical boundaries and continually redefining himself. Vibrant, expressive, and powerful, Hacking the Circuits promises to take listeners on a spellbinding sonic journey that refuses to stagnate or stick to the confines of one genre. 

Today, listeners can get their first taste of the EP with “We Can All Go,” a hypnotic trance track that focuses on weaving lush tapestries of sound as opposed to over indulging on distracting production flourishes. With propulsive rhythms and rich, melodic synth layers, “We Can All Go” evokes a transcendent, euphoric dance floor experience.

We Can All Go” kicks off with epic, cinematic bass tones underlying angelic, ethereal vocal chants and blazing synth notes. 

Then, the track slowly builds with a delicate vocal passage cooing “We can all go/we’re all in this/close your eyes/and share our happiness,” before dropping a thumping bassline that carries through the song like a heartbeat and are accompanied by blazing synth chords and intricate key licks. 

Next, the colorful track welcomes arpeggiated keyboard chord progressions and ethereal backing synth pads before transitioning into the final drop, whose bouncy drums close out the track in dance-fueled fashion. 

Fans will be able to catch UnderLux play out “We Can All Go” and other Hacking The Circuits tracks at his upcoming EP listening party “The Great Beat Harvest” at Orchid Denver on Saturday, September 23 with support from producer/vocalist LENi.

About UnderLux

UnderLux is a Denver-based electronic music producer known for creating deeply atmospheric, emotive, and experimental soundscapes that explore the intersections of music. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical styles, UnderLux has developed a unique sound that is both hauntingly beautiful and deeply immersive. With a growing repertoire of original productions and remixes, UnderLux soon caught the attention of the electronic music scene in Denver. He began performing live captivating audiences with his intricate melodies, intricate rhythms, and hypnotic soundscapes. UnderLux remains deeply committed to his craft, constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music and exploring new sonic territories. With his innovative sound and uncompromising approach to music production, UnderLux is a rising star in the electronic music world, and one to watch in the years to come.

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