Top 5 Beach Clubs in The World

If you’re dreaming of getting a little winter sun, then dream no more. 
There are so many places around the world now that not only have great sandy havens on which to chill, but also offer great escapes to dance under the sun and stars. 
Here we look at five of the best of them. 

Mumu - Thailand

mumu thailand


By day, MuMu Clubhouse is a sun-kissed retreat for relaxation, with soft white sand underfoot, cocktails, small-plates and Balearic beats. By night, it becomes a contemporary dance music haven and host to the world’s best-known DJs, where rhythms ebb and flow beneath the stars.

Phi Beach - Sardinia

Phi Beach sardinia

This seaside club has private beaches, VIP areas, the intimate Rock Club terrace and a restaurant that serves creative cocktails and allows you to dine in pure gourmet style. It is also a superb underground club with world class DJs playing like Claptone, Bob Sinclar, Jayda G, Black Coffee, DJ Tennis, Carl Cox, Bora Uzer, Folamour, Tale Of Us, Fideles, Themba, Peggy Gou, Purple Disco Machine, Bedouin, Diplo, Blond:ish, Fatboy Slim, Jamie Jones and many more. A real paradise.

Potato Head - Bali

potato head bali

Potato Head Beach Club is where infinity pools, day beds and drinks welcome you. You can either enjoy the shade of swaying palms, or dine in one of the restaurants, swim or soak up the sounds. It also regularly hosts events and festivals, showcasing top DJs from across the globe. 

Playa de Soleil - Ibiza

Playa de Soleil - Ibiza

Playa de Soleil in Ibiza is a secluded paradise where golden sands meet the Mediterranean, providing a breathtaking backdrop. By day, relax on elegant hammocks or lavish Balinese beds, enjoying panoramic sea views. As the sun sets, the enchanting transition to night unfolds at Le Restaurant’s terrace and reaches its pinnacle in Maison Musique, the exclusive indoor club. Immerse yourself in globally-renowned DJs’ beats and curated electronic music residencies, ensuring a nightly celebration of luxury, music, and the island’s natural beauty at Playa de Soleil.

Beach House Ibiza

Beach House Ibiza

Beach House Ibiza, nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean island, is renowned for its stunning views and laid-back ambiance. The venue’s musical offerings are a highlight, featuring curated live performances and DJ sets spanning chillout, deep house, and electronic beats. From sunset melodies to late-night rhythms, Beach House Ibiza offers a diverse and sophisticated sonic experience. International artists and emerging talents grace the beachfront, creating a seamless blend of music and ambiance, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a memorable and immersive musical escape.
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