TCE Presents Announce New Event Series ‘TILT’

BROOKLYN – Today global nightlife pioneer TCE Presents have announced a special show under their brand new event series TILT. Taking an angled approach to traditional nightlife in the city, the event series will offer fans an infectiously innovative sonic experience.

Breathing new life into the nightlife landscape, TILT will showcase a kaleidoscopic blend of chart topping acts and rising stars from the underground as they join forces to present a vibrant blend of global influences.

On December 29th at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, TILT will feature a special DJ set from Grammy nominated duo Sofi Tukker. Comprising Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, Sofi Tukker gained widespread acclaim for their high-energy performances and genre-defying fusion of pop, house, and indie dance. The lineup continues with eclectic sets from DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and activist LP Giobbi, XCESS Records founder Chloé Caillet, and multi-instrumentalist DJ Cole Knight.

TILT will exemplify the same unparalleled production, high-end hospitality, and top-tier musical curation that define its parent company TCE Presents, led by Rob Toma. TILT will also host a holiday charity event at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on December 2nd, with more details to come in the following days.

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