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🍒 Another Legendary Season begins at Pacha and Destino Ibiza

🍒 Pacha Ibiza will open its doors again on Friday, 26th of April

🍒 Destino Ibiza will open its doors again on Sunday, 28th of April

🍒 For the very first time, Marco Carola will headline the Grand Opening of both – Pacha and Destino Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza Opening: Friday, April 26th, 2024

Get ready for Ibiza summer 2024 with the grand kickoff led by none other than the global Italian ambassador of techno, the maestro behind ‘Music On,’ Marco Carola!

Returning to his Ibiza home, Carola is set to ignite the opening weekend at Pacha Ibiza on Friday, April 26th, with an extended set that promises nothing short of spectacular. Brace yourself for an evening of pure connection and musical exploration, as Carola unveils the best of house and electronic music, guaranteeing an uninterrupted dance experience.

Starting midnight with Ale de Tuglie b2b Calvin Clarke taking command of the DJ booth, laying the groundwork for a night that will be etched into your memory, get ready to dive into an early summer celebration with the legendary Italian ambassador of techno-house music, Marco Carola. When Carola takes the reins, one thing is for certain – you won’t be able to tear yourself away from the dance floor all weekend.

Don’t miss out – secure your tickets now for the Grand Opening Party 2024 at Pacha Ibiza on Friday, April 26th! Keep the opening weekend euphoria alive, join Marco Carola b2b PAWSA for the season opening at Destino on April 28th, ensuring your Ibiza getaway plans are flawlessly set for the weekend.

Playing the iconic Terraza for the first party of the 2024 season will be East End Dubs, Hot Since 82, Sweely and Sara de Araújo while in the Main Room it will be Amelie Lens, Indira Paganotto, Héctor Oaks and Luca Donzelli. 

Destino Ibiza Opening: Sunday, April 28th, 2024

Ibiza’s favourite open-air party is back at Destino, and kicking off the 2024 season is none other than tech house titan, Marco Carola! Join the ‘Play it loud!’ maestro on April 28th, sharing the booth with the dynamic PAWSA. Following an explosive season opening at Pacha Ibiza, Carola pledges an unmatched experience, unleashing the finest techno-house beats to keep the energy soaring seamlessly from day to night.

Famed for his energetic and impressive three-deck style of mixing and long journey set, Carola has remained one of the most in-demand DJs on the planet throughout the last two decades. Envision yourself on the pulsating dance floor, immersed in the electronic mastery of Carola and the remixes of PAWSA’s latest 2023 track, ‘Dog Days,’ and the triumphant ‘Room Service (24 Hour Mix),’ all set against the stunning backdrop of Talamanca Bay’s sunset. The excitement ignites at 4pm when DJ Da Vid takes the decks of the booth.

Don’t miss out on being part of the vibrant kick-off to Ibiza’s 2024 summer season. Brace yourself for an unforgettable weekend as these techno-house titans launch the legendary Grand Opening 2024 at Destino on Sunday, April 28th!


Pacha Ibiza, the oldest iconic house music nightclub in the world and the birthplace of legendary DJs, stands as the ultimate embodiment of experiential nightlife. For over 50 years, Pacha has revolutionised club culture, seamlessly blending music, production, and entertainment to craft an atmosphere that cultivates a profound sense of belonging —the renowned ‘Pacha Family.’ With its rebellious origins, Pacha has been a pioneering force, offering a platform for individuals to embrace their uniqueness and dare to be different. Beyond a mere venue, Pacha serves as a global beacon that brings people together, transcending the conventional nightclub experience. As we celebrate our storied history, we underscore the distinctive synergy that defines us—an effortless fusion of music, culture, and an indescribable ambiance that characterizes a night at Pacha Ibiza.



Perched on the scenic island of Ibiza, Destino Ibiza, part of the esteemed Pacha brand, seamlessly integrates the dynamism of the iconic nightclub with the luxury of an opulent resort. Offering an unparalleled experience, the resort captures the vibrant spirit of Ibiza, emerging as the ultimate destination for those seeking a perfect blend of music, culture, and leisure. Notably, Destino Ibiza boasts a vibrant pool scene and a range of luxurious hotel facilities, creating a haven where Pacha’s rhythmic beats converge with the sophistication of a luxe resort against the backdrop of breath-taking Mediterranean views.


The Pacha Group is a globally acclaimed lifestyle brand with a strong presence in various sectors such as music, leisure, entertainment, hospitality, and fashion. It extends its international influence through well-known destinations including Pacha Ibiza (a famed nightclub), Destino Pacha Hotel and El Hotel. Celebrating over 50 years of bliss, the Pacha Group is dedicated to sharing the essence of the Ibizan lifestyle with the world, characterised by a carefree, sophisticated way of life infused with creativity, music, and a spirit of acceptance.

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