Anonymous producer Modapit revs toward debut album Devotion with UKG-inspired “For You”

“For You” is accompanied by 10-minute short film that completes the producer’s five-part video series

Devotion slated for release on Friday, June 30

WORLDWIDE – It’s only been six months since anonymous producer Modapit launched their alchemistic project underneath their signature fishnet veil, but the hotly-tipped talent has already made their EDC Las Vegas debut, opened for Deadmau5 at Fort Lauderdale’s DAER Nightclub, and dropped a string of successful releases that have collectively racked up one million streams across platforms.

Following the packed EDC Las Vegas set at circuitGROUNDS this past weekend, the mysterious producer has unveiled the title of debut LP Devotion, which promises to further expand their unmatched, distinct artistic vision. 

Ahead of Devotion, Modapit reveals the fourth and final single “For You.” The cathartic, UKG-inspired track imbues its epic presentation with uplifting melodies, immaculate sound design, and shuffling 2-step beats. 

For You” kicks off with futuristic synth arpeggios and ethereal vocal chops that transition into the angelic first verse. “Don’t let anyone/lead you astray/Just come down/luck is waiting for you” the vocalist sings, expressing a poetic translation of the song’s affirming message. The track then drops into its emotional central section replete with an infectious UKG drum pattern, impeccable vocal chops, and sweeping synth leads. 

The track is complemented by a gorgeously shot, ten-minute short film that completes the narrative journey set up by the previous music videos. By incorporating a new storyline that involves crime and violence, the film contrasts the track’s uplifting spirit with its dark, brooding plot and evokes a polarizing emotional response in the viewer. The “For You” short film then heightens this internal conflict by tying up narrative loose ends and offering a thematic resolution to the series – that sometimes what’s best for us isn’t always what’s good for us. 

By embracing the beauty of creative partnership, the album will reflect the deeply collaborative tenets of the Modapit brand. Filmmakers David Borgesand Carlos Perez have helped build out the Modapit universe, developing a stark visual aesthetic surrounding the producer’s mind-melding dance sonics. Altogether, they’ve crafted a funeral-rave vibe – a defining artistic ethos representing Modapit’s out-of-the-box approach and propensity towards detailed, expansive narrative cohesion. 

Listeners got their first taste of Modapit’s debut LP project with a string of singles and short films. First up from Devotion was the dancefloor-ready single “Dancing” which captivated the attention of the dance music realm with its infectious melody. Alongside the single came the second part of the video series, which documented a woman finding catharsis after facing a past trauma. 

Next was “Falling In Love,” a continuation of the producer’s ongoing thematic and narrative journey. The track was released alongside the story’s third video, which saw the same unnamed character (played by Gabriela Garcia) with a changed demeanor; while once fragile and burdened by her past, she is now confident and fierce. 

The third single was “Out Of Control,”  a transition into a darker, more European techno-inspired side of the Modapit project. Following the release, “Out Of Control” has received support from radio tastemaker KCRW in addition to the first single “Dancing.”

The final lead single “For You” continues to build out the Modapit story and leaves fans eagerly awaiting more from the anonymous artist. 

In addition to their album rollout, Modapit has provided a glimpse of what to expect from their performances with a special live set filmed at the creative studio Red Wall in Las Vegas. Directed by David Borges, the 40-minute set showcased Modapit’s rave-fueled DJ skills with mesmerizing lightning setups and an energetic assortment of songs. Check out the set here.

Building anticipation for the release of Devotion in June, Modapit positions themselves as an artist to watch for the remainder of 2023 and beyond. Fans will be able to catch Modapit at Disco Donnie’s Freaky Deaky in Austin, TX this October along with a handful of additional festival appearances.

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