Enigmatic, veiled producer Modapit unveils groundbreaking debut album Devotion

The 12-track package follows Modapit’s EDC Las Vegas debut and direct support slot for Deadmau5

WORLDWIDE – Underground electronic-pop producer Modapit is capping off a momentous launch to their artist career. Over the past six months, the anonymous producer has released four singles, unveiled a four-part short film, debuted at EDC Las Vegas 2023, played direct support for electronic music icon Deadmau5, and landed upcoming slots at Imagine Music Festival and Freaky Deaky – a decidedly lavish introduction

This successful early run now culminates with the release of Modapit’s debut album, Devotion – a 12-track package that will take listeners on a seamless journey through the producer’s swirling combination of dark pop sounds and European-inspired melodic house and techno.

The Devotion roll out has offered a grand, rare display of artist conceptualization and world-building – a fleshed out, collaborative audio-visual experience uncommon within the dance music scene. Each single has been complemented by its own rapturous video, including the episodic narrative short film directed by David Borges, which began with the What is MODAPIT? teaser in January and continued with “Dancing” (video), “Falling In Love” (video), and the 10-minute closing chapter “For You” (video). The underground techno-inspired cut “Out Of Control” (video) also came with its own brooding, glitchy video containing nightclub footage from Sakatisk.

The central narrative of the Modapit short film revolves around a central story of trauma and healing – a thematic cord found across the Modapit brand. Sonically, they depict this emotional process by crafting songs that adhere to jovial, euphoric pop structures and vocals backed by a diverse mix of electronic music genres. They then juxtapose these cathartic soundscapes against a gothy, funeral-rave visual aesthetic, as seen in their signature, all-encompassing outfit and videos’ visual styles. The result: a stark creative contrast that embodies Modapit’s relatable, empathetic messaging and runs throughout the duration of Devotion.

The Devotion LP is a sprawling, cinematic experience that explores a bevy of different styles and speaks to a desire to create a mending space for listeners. For Modapit and many dance music fans, the rave is a form of escape – with Devotion, they want to bring that experience straight to listeners’ headphones or cars.

The producer’s transportative production prowess can be heard on tracks like “It Goes Like,” a dance-pop extravaganza that combines melodic house bliss with an imminently catchy hook. The track kicks off with angelic vocals before bringing in its futuristic synths, thumping kick drums, and scintillating high-hats; it then drops into its explosive central section replete with deep basslines and an infectious ‘la-la-la’ delivery.

Album opener “Want Your Love” is an epic, evocative tone setter that slowly builds into its propulsive, earth-shattering club beat – a structure that closely resembles the opening of a DJ set. The party continues on tracks such as “Time I Lost,” which combines ear-grabbing vocal melodies with a cacophony of sumptuous synths, crisp drum production, and extra-terrestrial sound design.

The tracklist is then rounded out by the bruising emotional centerpiece “Another Life”; the dark techno-infused “On My Mind”; the dancefloor-igniting “Through My Mind”; and two interludes “Down The Hole” and “Back To Reality.”

Devotion is a lush, vivid masterclass in electronic music production – a cohesive listening journey that boldly puts Modapit on the dance music map and showcases everything they represent. For those still trying to decipher ‘what is Modapit?’, the producer’s debut album offers an exclusive, comprehensive answer to that burning question – and opens up a whole new Modapit world in the process. 

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