Levi Batkin Drops Track “Break Down” Immediately Connecting With His Audience.

SAN DIEGO CA – Levi Batkin, the visionary house music maven, has once again captured the attention of the electronic music scene with his latest release, “Break Down.” Since its launch just five days ago on May 19th, the track has amassed an astonishing 100,000 streams on Spotify, solidifying Levi’s position as a groundbreaking force in the industry.

Levi Batkin Drops Track "Break Down" Immediately Connecting With His Audience.

Levi Batkin’s musical journey began during his formative years, where he fell under the spell of house music’s mesmerizing rhythms and captivating melodies. Guided by an unyielding passion to push creative boundaries, Levi embarked on a path of experimentation with production software, forging his unique brand of sonic sorcery.

With an unwavering commitment to crafting soulful yet electrifying compositions, Levi’s music is characterized by pulsating beats, shimmering synths, and soaring melodies. Seamlessly blending euphoria-inducing anthems with deep, groovy basslines, his tracks maintain an enthralling momentum that keeps listeners captivated.

“Break Down” is the latest testament to Levi Batkin’s unparalleled talent and his ability to captivate audiences with his wildly unpredictable beats. With its remarkable success on Spotify, this release serves as a testament to Levi’s rising influence and solidifies his place as a driving force in the electronic music landscape.

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