Electro-soul artist Homemade Spaceship unveils otherworldly dubstep banger “Gassed Up” ahead of forthcoming debut LP

This is the part of the album’s narrative where the reckless driving of the spaceship gets them in trouble. It’s the heaviest tune on the album and was designed to make you feel like you’re going full throttle, the listener just feeling themselves losing control.” – Homemade Spaceship

WORLDWIDE – DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Homemade Spaceship has spent the last decade making an indelible mark on the Denver bass music scene. The Chicago-bred producer’s astral-inspired sonics and electro-soul performance style – which incorporate both the electric guitar and flute – have led to collaborations with soulful bass queen Maddy O’Neal and saxophone-wielding artist SoDown, in addition to taking the stage festivals like Sonic Bloom and Electric Forest.

The multi-faceted artist uses his versatile production skill set to discover new worlds through his work – through the exploration of different sounds he expands his creative purview.

With origins in metal music and hip-hop, Homemade Spaceship has crafted an artistic identity defined by DIY sensibilities, which pushes him to continue creatively tinkering with soundscapes. As a result, he’s cultivated a wholly original sound that combines the heaviness of metal with the grooviness of electro-soul, translating his expertly-crafted, handmade sound design into cacophonous, bass-boosted bangers.

Now, the artist is revving up toward his debut album, Ghost Ride The Spaceship, a genre-blurring, full length project that displays how his artistry is used as catharsis — a way to escape reality and find purpose in this universe without outside distractions. Wonky, vibrant, and brimming with heavy bass sounds, Ghost Ride The Spaceship promises to envelop listeners on a voyage through the space-time continuum.

Listeners got their first taste of Ghost Ride The Spaceship with the LP’s first two singles, “Electric Indigo” and “Astro Jones” – spacey, vivacious tracks that catapult listeners into an otherworldly realm with their lush electro-soul vibe.

Electro-soul artist Homemade Spaceship unveils otherworldly dubstep banger “Gassed Up” ahead of forthcoming debut LP

Today, the artist unveils “Gassed Up,” a trunk-rattling banger that ventures into dubstep and showcases Homemade Spaceship’s diverse range of sonic tricks. Replete with intricately programmed sound design and extra-terrestrial bass wubs, “Gassed Up” is a hard-hitting, futuristic cut that perfectly embodies its producer’s cosmic worldview.

The completed version of “Gassed Up” was inspired by a friend of Homemade Spaceship who asked the producer, “What’s your intention with this track?” This question pushed the artist to hold nothing back, and the result is an immersive, fully-realized soundscape.

Gassed Up” kicks off with cheerful melodies presented by sparkly synth arpeggios and bell arrangements. The tone takes a sudden shift by building with a vocal sample that details human’s connection to the Milky Way galaxy; the track then incorporates stuttering snares and vocal chops before dropping into its earth-shattering dubstep beat, blasting the listener into the cosmos.

Explosive, immaculately produced, and filled to the brim with vibrant details and head-spinning, cacophonous bass, “Gassed Up” is a display of Homemade Spaceship’s production prowess and portends an album of similarly otherworldly experiments.

Fans will be able to catch Homemade Spaceship’s hybrid-live performances – which incorporates the flute and electric guitar into his fervent bass DJ set – at his album release party at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom on Saturday, August 19 in Denver, CO. He will also be playing at Glow Hard Music & Arts Festival in Portland, ME later this month. 


Homemade Spaceship‘s music is always homemade and always space themed. Whether you’re ghost-riding the spaceship and partying through space, or lost on the edge of the galaxy with no gas and someone you love, Homemade Spaceship will take you there. Combining multi-instrumental talents and electronic music production along with bringing various instruments on stage such as guitar and flute, Homemade Spaceship provides a live and fresh take on the Bass scene. With his unique and adventurous take on bass music, he is sure to captivate anyone looking to stargaze or headbang.

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