I’m an EDM Artist, How Do I Get a Song I Produced Signed to A Record Label?

Sure, here are the steps an EDM music artist can take to get their song released on a record label:

  1. Create high-quality music: The first step in getting your song released on a record label is to create high-quality music that stands out from the crowd. Make sure your tracks are well-produced, catchy, and unique.

  2. Research record labels: Once you have a few tracks ready, research record labels that specialize in your genre of music. Look for labels that have released music that is similar to yours and make a list of potential labels to approach.

  3. Submit your demo: Most record labels have a demo submission process on their website or through a third-party platform. Submit your tracks to the labels that you have researched and ensure that you follow their submission guidelines. Check out Electric State’s Demo Submission Page here.

  4. Follow up: Wait a few weeks after submitting your demo, then follow up with the label to see if they have had a chance to listen to your tracks. You can send a polite email or a message on social media, thanking them for their time and asking for their feedback.

  5. Read the contract: If a record label is interested in signing your music, they will typically send you a contract to review. Make sure you read it carefully and understand the terms and conditions of the agreement. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from a music attorney.

  6. Promote your release: Once your music is signed, work with the label to promote your release. Make sure to promote your music through your social media channels, music blogs, and other outlets to maximize exposure.

  7. Network and build relationships: The music industry is built on relationships, so make sure to attend industry events and network with other music professionals. Building strong relationships with producers, DJs, and other artists can help you get your music heard by a wider audience and potentially lead to new opportunities.

By following these steps, EDM music artists can increase their chances of getting their music released on a record label and build their careers in the music industry.

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