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Dobé Rounds Off 2023 with New EP ‘Mascon’ Out on 7Rituals!

7Rituals is back with another superb instalment this time from DOBé whose signature sound transmits emotion through his lush soaring memories.

DOBé mixes up dark acoustic elements and deep sounds that subtly transition into more melodic rhythms and explore techno, deep tech and plenty in between. With his first releases he immediately got the support of established names like Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati and Ilario Alicante and entered the Top 20 Beatport Techno Charts after just one week. He impresses again now with this latest new EP.
“Mascon” opens up and is a twinkling affair with hearty pads soaring up top over rumbling drums. It is both elegant and escapist in all the right ways. “Palladium” then brings a more textural sound with fizzing leads and snappy drums ensuring you get lost in the groove and taken to somewhere new.

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