CRSSD Fall 2023 Recap & Photo Galleries

CRSSD Festival’s Fall 2023 Edition was a musical journey like no other, leaving us with unforgettable memories. Elderbrook’s live performance was a true revelation, sending shivers down our spines on multiple occasions and leaving us yearning for the next opportunity to witness his magic on stage. HAAi’s electrifying set at City Steps had us dancing with pure joy, setting the tone for an incredible night. Night one reached its pinnacle as Cloonee and Chris Lake went back-to-back at the Palms Stage, creating an electric atmosphere that was nothing short of epic. Day two brought its own set of highlights, with Flume’s mesmerizing performance at the Ocean View stage and Charlotte De Witte’s hypnotic beats at City Steps, making Sunday a day to remember. CRSSD Festival once again proved itself as a haven for electronic music enthusiasts, promising an unforgettable experience with every beat and note.



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