Unveiling BVRNOUT: The Masterful Producer from Massachusetts

In the dynamic world of electronic dance music (EDM), the rise of talented artists is a phenomenon that never fails to captivate music enthusiasts. One such rising star making waves is BVRNOUT, a gifted DJ and producer hailing from Massachusetts. Since June of this year, BVRNOUT, also known as Chris, has been treating his fans to a weekly dose of musical brilliance with his remixes on Soundcloud. Today marks an exciting milestone in his journey as he releases a stellar 2-track EP titled “Up Above” on Actuation, a record label with roots in both New York City and The Netherlands.

Up Above EP

BVRNOUT’s latest offering, the “Up Above EP,” showcases his versatility and knack for creating infectious beats that resonate with a global audience. The EP consists of two tracks, each bringing a unique flavor to the table.

  1. “Up Above” feat. Matt Maratea: Featuring the talented Matt Maratea, the collaboration seamlessly blends BVRNOUT’s signature sound with Maratea’s compelling vocals. The result is a track that takes listeners on a sonic journey, transcending musical boundaries and leaving them craving more.

  2. “Rave Ting” feat. Insulin: The second track, “Rave Ting,” is a testament to BVRNOUT’s ability to infuse different elements into his music. Teaming up with Insulin, this track is a high-octane, pulse-pounding anthem that pays homage to the roots of EDM culture. With its infectious rhythm and dynamic production, “Rave Ting” is destined to become a staple in the playlists of EDM enthusiasts worldwide.

Consistent Heat

What sets BVRNOUT apart is not just his talent but also his dedication to his craft. Dropping remixes every Wednesday on Soundcloud since June, he has created a consistent stream of quality content that keeps his audience eagerly anticipating each release. BVRNOUT’s commitment to delivering fresh and exciting music has solidified his place as a go-to artist for those seeking the latest and greatest in the EDM scene.


A Platform for Innovation: The “Up Above EP” finds its home on Actuation, a record label with a rich heritage in both New York City and The Netherlands. Known for nurturing groundbreaking talent and pushing the boundaries of electronic music, Actuation provides the perfect platform for BVRNOUT to showcase his creativity to a global audience. Check out Actuation’s Website Here.


As we continue to ride the waves of BVRNOUT’s musical journey, it’s clear that this Massachusetts-based DJ and producer is not just an artist but a force to be reckoned with in the EDM landscape. With the release of the “Up Above EP” on Actuation, BVRNOUT has once again proven that he’s a master of his craft, constantly dropping heat that resonates with fans around the world. Keep an eye on BVRNOUT – the journey has only just begun, and the future is looking bright.

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