Tech house prodigy AYYBO returns to Funkshway with funk-infused ‘DRENCH’

Los Angeles, 31 May 2023 –  Californian tech house prodigy AYYBO is back from the deep with a fresh aquatic cut, primed to make a splash this summer. The talented young producer returns to the new kid on the block Funkshway with ‘DRENCH’, a funk-infused roller featuring a flipped topline from PREME’s, ‘Pause Play’. ‘DRENCH’ follows on from AYYBO’s huge debut on Funkshway, ‘HYPNOSIS’, which has clocked over 10 millions Spotify streams, and counting. After its initial success, ‘HYPNOSIS’ received an official remix by Pitbull dubbed ‘RIGHT OR WRONG’. This new track demonstrates AYYBO’s ability to maintain his consistency, following up ‘HYPNOSIS’ with another surefire dance floor smash

‘DRENCH’ kicks off with menacing bass, filtered out to build the tension, while crisp beats and PREME’s vocals complement the creeping low end. Before you know it, the track is unleashed in its full potency, as the bass drops and PREME gets into his stride. AYYBO’s production prowess is evident throughout, merging darkness and funk masterfully, while keeping the energy high and the drum programming simple yet highly effective. Get ready for the breakdown, as PREME’s lyrics take center stage, a moment that is already causing uproar on dance floors…

Tech house prodigy AYYBO returns to Funkshway with funk-infused 'DRENCH'

Since the second grade, AYYBO (AKA Aaron Bonnema) has had a passion for cinematography and design as well as music production. This grounding in visual arts has given the foundation to express his creative vision fully with every release. After years of working in the shadows, AYYBO has evolved into a multifaceted artist who creates viral and engaging social content backed by high impact, irresistible beat crafting. PREME, formerly known as P Reign has been a mainstay in hip hop since 2008, regularly linking up with fellow Torontonian Drake. PREME has also released tracks with hip hop heavyweights A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill and French Montana. 

Funkshway, a Los Angeles-based house music label and entertainment brand, was established last year by Avi Dahan, Alec Lykken, and Tom Bender, three seasoned music and creative executives driven by their shared commitment to promote soul-stirring house music and foster a culture that imbues positivity, enhancing all dimensions of life. Recognizing a cultural gap in the U.S. house music scene—a vibe prevalent in the U.K. and Europe—they decided to fill this void by curating premier house music and cultivating an authentic dance culture on the west coast through strategically organized events.

And there it is, ‘DRENCH’, prepare yourself for the deluge as AYYBO returns with an audio tsunami, featuring PREME’s punchy ‘Pause Play’ vocals. Together with Funkshway, this is a perfect creative marriage that is set to flood dance floors across the world with positive energy.

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