The tech-house industry and New York City’s music scene are both notoriously tough nuts to crack. When a DJ manages to take them both by storm, you know he’s one to watch.

At only 28, Tyler Morris – a.k.a. Westend – has already established himself as a top electronic music producer and performer, booking prestigious gigs by the dozens and attracting thousands of followers to his social media profiles. Fans and critics alike rave about his sophisticated beats, smooth vocals, and dynamic performing style.


As both his birthplace and the inspiration for his alias, New York City played a major role in shaping Westend’s musical inclinations and influences. He even attended the Bronx High School of Science, the same institution that Robert Moog – the inventor of the synthesizer – graduated from in 1952.

Although Westend’s style has been described as “eclectic” and “quirky” by music blogs, he prefers to think of himself more as a scientist or engineer, like Moog. His genre-bending music and unique approach to building beats come from hours and hours of experimentation in the studio, not whim or random chance. Every choice he makes is deliberate and meticulous, the product of carefully studying the possibilities and seeing which direction best suits the experience he wants to deliver to his listeners.

Westend is always on the lookout for new sounds to incorporate into his tracks, new sources of energy to tap into. In his own words, when he sits down to write a song, “there are no rules that can’t be broken.”

Accomplishments & Musical Resume

In addition to numerous mentions in electronic music publications such as Electric State and Insomniac, Westend has received top billing in standout venues across the country. Described as a high-energy, electrifying performer, the NYC native has most recently electrified listeners at Darkstare, Holy Ship, and Contact, an electronic music festival held in Vancouver, BC.

Westend has released chart-topping tracks on the likes of Dirtybird, Box of Cats, Club Sweat, IN/ROTATION, and Country Club Disco. He is also known for pumping out insanely catchy twists on popular songs, most recently including an infectious remix of the theme song for HBO’s hit show The White Lotus.

Westend’s best-performing tracks each have well over a million streams on Spotify. He frequently collaborates with other top tech-house artists, carrying on the time-honored tradition in electronic music of producers supporting one another and highlighting each other’s music. 

Upcoming Events

If you’re lucky enough to be in San Francisco for Fresh Start NYE, you’ll have the opportunity to witness one (or both!) of Westend’s two sets on December 30 and December 31. What better way to kick off the new year than at a kickass electronic music festival?

San Diego residents, don’t whip out those travel planners just yet. You can also catch this tireless techno-house titan spinning tracks at FNGRS CRSSD’s Proper NYE/NYD on January 1.

Can’t see him live? You can always stream Westend’s intricate and compelling music on Soundcloud or Spotify.

Electric State Interview

Here at Electric State, we had the opportunity to interview Westend at the CRSSD Fest. The CRSSD Fest is a leading techno-trance music festival that consistently delivers a great time. This year’s jam-packed lineup was no different, with excellent performances across all three stages at the Waterfront Park in San Diego.

Westend was a stand-out performer at the Palms Venue and got the crowd going. Check out the interview with Electric State to hear more about Westend’s story.

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