Tech House is an electronic dance music (EDM) genre that combines techno and house elements. It is known for its driving, hypnotic rhythms, and analog synthesizers. The genre emerged in the early 1990s in Germany and the United Kingdom and was adopted by DJs and producers worldwide.

A key player in the EDM scene is Biscits, a DJ and producer quickly making a name for himself. Biscits first gained recognition with his track “The Worm,” which became a dancefloor anthem and cemented his place as one of the most promising talents in the Tech House world.  

Since then, he has released many successful tracks, including “So Hard” and “Sunshine.” Here at Electric State Radio, we are excited to see what Biscits can produce in the following years. The Electric State Radio showcases the best in Tech House and related genres, and Biscits is a welcoming addition to our list.


Biscits is an electronic music producer and DJ born and raised in Southampton, England. He first achieved popularity under the alias Gold Top in the early Trap scene, and In 2016, he adopted the name Biscits.  

As a kid, he was always inseparable from the piano. He grew up with a passion for music creation, and when he discovered audio computer software at 16, he could finally express himself in a new and exciting way.

Fast forward to college. Biscits and his buddies were all into electro. One of his first gigs was when he staged a small performance in the student union where he played his favorite type of loud music, like EDM, Justice, Daft Punk, and anything French.  

All he had was a little mixer, and he didn’t know what he was doing, but he enjoyed himself and kept doing more small gigs. Finally, one of his first significant gigs landed him in Russia, where he performed alone.  

Now at 27, Biscits’ sound fits well within the parameters of his chosen genre while also creating a distinctive and captivating sound that draws inspiration from a broad spectrum of artists, including Tiga, Disclosure, and Solomun.

Accomplishments & Musical Resume

Biscits reached the top 10-selling artists list on Beatport in 2019. In addition, his music receives over 2 million monthly Spotify listeners. His tunes are a perfect blend of EDM for our Electric State Radio coverage.  

Biscits has had numerous releases on well-renowned labels such as Sweat it Out and Solotoko. He has also worked with the promising artist Sonny Fodera on several of his releases and collaborations at EDM festivals. His work in the electronic music sphere has been widely acclaimed and celebrated by fans.

Upcoming And Past Events

Most recently, Biscits’ international gigs have taken him to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to perform at the Kaballah Festival Green Valley before continuing his travels on an exhilarating EDM tour of Australia. Additionally, he performed alongside Sonny Fodera at the CRSSD Fest Palms Venue in San Diego. These foreign engagements have brought his U.K-based EDM roots to new audiences and helped further hone his skills as a promising electronic dance music producer.

Check out his upcoming tour dates—you can catch him in London, UK, on November 18, or Hollywood, CA, US, on November 26. And be sure to check out his latest tracks along with other top electronic dance music artists on Electric State Radio.

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Here at Electric State, we had the opportunity to interview Biscits at the CRSSD Fest. The CRSSD Fest is a leading techno-trance music festival that consistently delivers a great time. This year’s jam-packed lineup was no different, with excellent performances across all three stages at the Waterfront Park in San Diego. 

Sonny was a stand-out performer at the Palms Venue and got the crowd going. Check out the interview with Electric State to hear more about Biscits’ story.

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